The All in One

So guys I am sad to say this is going to my last post and I hope you guys took something away from my posts. So this last blog entitled all in one is quite fitting since it will touch base on majority of the concepts I talked about.

So we are onto this notion of mass communication – this is in its simplest terms- is a way to communicate a variety of information to the general public on a large scale. Mass communication has a variety of characteristics including its complex formal organisations, different people in audiences, it connects at a distance and much more. Mass communication aids us in a variety of ways, it allows people from all over the world to share information about monstrosities regarding their country and also allows people to know about what is going on within their own country. The Caribbean is filled with small islands and at times it is very difficult to understand what is going on within the countries but with mass communication we are able to communicate and respond with each other. Not only do we because aware of the tragedies of what is going on in the country but because of mass media we become aware of some of the hardships of the people. Right now in Barbados there is a case where a teenage boy supposedly committed suicide and the mother is receiving no answers regarding this topic and it is only because of mass media that we are aware of this incident. So as you know mass media is good. But at other times and in majority of the cases mass media is not used correctly or for the correct purposes.


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As far as this saying goes, its quite true, we get different representations of what these mass media corporations portray is quite inaccurate and quite stereotypical. Many of these corporations put forth representations of what the epitome of a male is supposed to look like and the feminine persona of who is supposed to be with the female. Just look at Beauty and the Beast, I hate Gaston, I like Belle -but only because she will forever be Hermoine- but I cannot really tell you about other individuals expect Beast because he is portrayed as a Beast. Yet he is a walking contradiction as his personality is not beast-like when compared to Gaston.

Beauty n the Beast

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We are disillusioned by the images portrayed in the media and we believe that we have to fit in with what the media puts out there. The beauty standards are at time misleading and everyone is photo shopped in order to reach the audience they want, while making money off the false advertisements and garner subscriptions from all over the world. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the beauty standards, the health standards and at times the romance is off-kilter. Big business is all about selling preconceived notions and beliefs to people who want to believe in something and we get these images, books, movies and they give a washed out version of reality.


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We the viewers internalize what the mass media corporations put out there and at times the meanings we garner from these is not what actually happens. Mass media is a money making industry in all avenues, no matter what industry and we all fall prey to what they sell. Fake images of what men and women are supposed to look like instead of real beauty with flaws and all, a skewered version of misconceptions and we, especially Caribbean people, try to emulate them. We take what they sell and try to embellish and put on our own flair but we still have this belief that what they sell is right, rather than be unique and stand out.


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Mass Media Communication is great because we know what  is going on but at the same time, the information that we receive is not always true and at some time is distorted by the CEOs to give out information to lead the people astray. Mass media is big business and we all help to make Disney, Sony and Pixar even more money that before and we continually consume without questioning exactly what we are feeding out minds and the minds of our children. I once again challenge you to view the world through new eyes and tell me if you understand exactly what I am telling you, or did I just ramble, if I did excuse me I am currently suffering from a migraine. Well guys, thanks for staying tuned to the final blog, I appreciate you.

Peace Out!!!!!

xoxoxox Bye 😦


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One thought on “The All in One

  1. patrickkamel says:

    Hey Zhaney, nice blog to read! You put the information in a interesting way, especially with the ‘mass media examples’ that you used in this blog. I like it how you put your own opinion at the end and personalize it.

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