The Evolution of Space

Hey guys, I’m back with yet another post and this time we are going to find out more about Computer Mediated Communication or CMC for short. So as of this point I have been speaking to you via the internet and for the most part, I hope that you understand what I have been trying to relate to you and all that I try to inform you of. Communication is all around us and at times I isolate myself within my phone just reading and blocking the world. So today I will be informing you, my lovely audience, all about how the technique of communication has evolved from the eons ago.

I have always wanted a type writer and a letter written to me by my other half (still patiently waiting on one) and as you know technology and how we communicate has evolved. First we have CMC which stands for Computer Mediated Communication which evolved into ICT – Information Communication Technology-, and then EMC – Electronic Mediated Communication until new terms were brought up, New Media, Information Superhighway until finally we have the Internet. I’m sure many of you know what the internet is and what it is today. Over time the terms have changed but the function all remains the same, they allow each and every one of us to talk to someone else, hide from family and escape our realities. CMC is simply different aspects of how we communicate, whether it is via letter, email, Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter and we use these different tools to communicate to different people all across the world.


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ICT is simply the development of phones, so those flip phones that we now laugh at but all wanted when they were the in thing have now become touch screen, so Samsung and Iphones all now are reaping the rewards of our hard earned money. EMC help those messages that we send get delivered to everyone, so my Swedish friend (imaginary one) can message me and I can understand it fully and now because of New Media I can instantly respond back to her. This is how New Media differs from Old Media in that we can reply instantaneous


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Now we communicate on a Information SuperHighway which allows us to 1: send messages anywhere in the world and 2: allows us to watch whatever we want at any given time. So you see my friend at times the evolution of technology is pretty helpful but at times it can be quite difficult to navigate, just like traffic. The internet is space where everyone is able to communicate and gather information regarding various topic and because of its availability privacy is at times difficult to understand. 25173560-Digital-Imagery-with-Data-Network-Transfer-Art-Stock-Photo-data-processing-analytics

Now that I have informed you a little about the technological changes let me tell you how this all affects not only the Caribbean but the rest of the world. Some of us are so caught up in the world wide web that sometimes they forget to interact with those around them more. Instagram is the new ‘in thing’ and I watched the news and this 13 year old boy shot himself on InstaLive and then the people that watched it came over to see. Why did they not call 911, yes some use the internet to gather information, speak to people we haven’t seen in forever but the blatant disrespect the people of today have for it is astounding. Some things are not meant to be viewed by the entire world, and at times individuals isolate themselves in this cyber reality where live is glitter and gold and lose sight on what is going on around them, so the next time you go onto Instagram or Facebook, even Twitter, think about all the things you watch, see and read and then turn off your wifi for an entire day and just disconnect and tell me how you did. Did you speak to the person next to you, or really interact with those around you without looking down to see what is going on within cyber space and really observe the beauty and wonder around you.


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The younger generation is so oblivious to what is going on around them especially since they are so warped into the view that without a phone they are nothing. I do not have an Instagram and I am very much alive and well, I do not post on Facebook and I know I am loved and am important to those around me. I interact with my family and friends and I do not need to be on the phone constantly. We abuse and misuse the internet at time and it can be difficult for some of us to see. So my friend I challenge you and myself to this and I hope you make it, I do not define my life by how many likes I get, do you?

Until next time, peace out!!!



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