The All Inclusive Event!!!!

Okay guys, I’m back with a new post and this time we are going to delve into that uncomfortable topic of sports. Yayyyy!!!!!!!!

Some people consider sports to be thing where guys feel emboldened and that only guys can play sports, well I am here today to tell you, sports is much more than that. Sports is an 800 billion industry and guess what guys if I knew that before maybe I would’ve done a degree in Sports Science, but anyways the Almighty works in mysterious ways because I am one clumsy individual, so I honestly would be fumbling all the time. How many of you enjoy sports, either watching it or playing sports in general, I at times do, Gymnastics calls my name every time.

Sports is not just football, or golf its much more than that and its not about a male’s physical’s prowess it goes much deeper. Sports is defined as an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. However, sports is much more than physical exertions, its the mentality, its the support, the team members or even the coach. Often times people have this preconceived notion of what sports is and what the individuals who engage in athletics are supposed to look like. For chess the stereotypical individual may be Asian or white, for golf its Caucasian, gymnastics its Caucasian and for track and field blacks usually dominate. Now when someone who does not fit the mold of what we expect, we are shcoked and at times we do not have confidence in their ability. This image of who can play sports or what you are supposed to look like not only racialize sports but it also communicates to the others who are interested in sports that they don’t fit the image and cannot excel.

Many people are at times in shock because certain sports are played by black individuals and are of the view that they only win because they are black and not because they have the capacity or intelligence to win. The truth is that no matter what type of sports is being played, training always occurs, both mentally and physically, so that only the best is achieved from the athletes. Now that we know a little of what it is and who can play, let us move onto the international scene and see what influences the Caibbean has on the international community and vice versa.

In archaic times sports is defined as some form of entertainment and while that is true on some level, sports has eveolved into something greater. Sports is literally a billion dollar industry and the athletes of these sports are making big bucks and bring fame and fortune to their country. In the Caribbean we have cricket and track and field athletes, not to say there are not many other individuals who don’t play like Akeem Rudder – field hockey- or Darien Hart – tennis-, who have impacted greatly on not only the Caribbean but the rest of the world as well. We have shared their triumps and losses and so does the rest of the world. For the Caribbean Sir Garfield Sobers, first let it be known that we not not simply exotoc island to have vacations on, the people of the Caribbean are serious and so are the people who play the sport. Yes, England brought these games over but we have dominated and shown the world that we are good at sports and a force to be reckoned with. From Viv Richards, to Frank Worrel and many more, the West Indies Cricket team has made an impact on not only the world but the Caribbean as well and because of Globalisation more revenue is being brought into the Caribbean through not only through ICC cricket but for those who wish to visit the places of these famous individuals.

Track and Field has also evolved and individuals from the Caribbean also dominate. We have Usian Bolt, Kirani Games, Asafa Powel, Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce and more and for the Caribbean the children can proudly say I want to be the next Usian Bolt, or Kirani James. No longer is the Caribbean regulated to watch individuals not from the Craibbean and try to relate. We now have champions and we can relate to their struggles, triumphs and understand them. The Caribbean is no longer simply a vacation spot, but rather a place where the people are serious about the sports and do condititon themselves to prosper in their chosen fields whether by training both physically and mentally or by speaking to the older generations about how to achieve success in their sports. Sports is and will forever be one of the most important faucets in life, whether we simply watch them or play them, they engage us and we feel much better after watching them. Our emotions are high, adrenaline pumped and we feel on top of the world after watching any type of sports. So next time you watch sports think about it, what are your expectations regarding the game. It is better not to have preconceived notions about the game so that you enjoy the comraderie of the sport, no matter the type.

Well my readers we have reached the end of yet another post. I hope that I have opened you mind regarding the steroetypes regarding issues surrounding sports. Until next time, peace out!!!!


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