All Around Me

It’s on to next one, on to next one, on, on to the next one. Hey guys, welcome back and sorry for the musical interlude, but I just had to. Anyways do you know this quote “The limits of my language is the limit to my world”, if not then congratulations neither did I. I just found it and had to place it in this post. Now language is a funny thing, why do I say that you ask, well my mother tongue is English, and for someone else English may be the most difficult language they may ever learn. Now English my friend is such a beautiful language with so many different variations and accents. Sorry, I ain’t sorry, sorry, I’m just kidding, I should rephrase, all languages are beautiful with so many different variations. Now let’s begin.

Language is complicated  (now why have to be be so complicated) or should I say complex. Language is all around us and I think at time we fail to understand how powerful and beautiful is it. Take this image for example (it is actually lyrics to a song by Grace named You Don’t Own Me)


From these lyrics alone, one can tell how much thought was put into the song, as it is not just about getting your voice heard but it sends a message as well. We all use language for different purposes and we all have own own idiolect which essentially is our unique way of speaking and for this reason alone Grace states exactly what an individual may feel at times. We all have either work, school, children etc and we are constantly monitoring how we speak, tailoring our language to suit others and at times it can be frustrating, therefore we can all relate to saying “don’t tell me what to say” as we are constantly changing our speech to fit into a particular space with your words being picked apart and dissected. And she goes further on as seen in the image below.


YouTube Grace – You Don’t Own Me

We want to be ourselves where our idiolect is not frowned upon or viewed as different (not the good different) but rather a symbol of who we are as our language is a reflection of us. Language is not a thing we can place in a box, it is an all around us and it can be explored, enhancedo and be bettered all the time. There is no right or wrong way to describe language or how we talk, we all are different and our experiences allows us to use language in a creative and dynamic way that allows us to communicate.

Language is not just a definition, language iskills in the way we do everything, from differentiating colours from one another to the names we have. Language is purposeful and unique beyond compare, no language is the same and none are pure. We all take an aspect from different languages and exchange different words. Language is all around and will always be here, where we turn green, it’s not going to change, it may evolve but it will remain. What do you love about language? What do you believe it to be?

Until next time lovies, Peace Out!!!!


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