From the time I started this blog, I have been communicating with  you even though you have not responded as yet, but never mind that. Communication is said to be an ongoing process, and there have been many diagrams representing what communication is and how the process occurs. From the Shannon and Weavery model, to Berlo’s model until finally there was the transactional communication model where an individual can see how never-ending the process is. From the sender to receiver a message is sent and it goes through encoding, a channel of choice, noise, to a receiver who decodes it and then there is feedback and the process goes on.


Linear Model of Communication http://www.communicationstudies.com

With this model the communication process does not aptly show as communication is constantly evolving and becoming better and with the evolution of communication so did the models until Berlo’s model came along till finally the transactional model which aptly describes communication. the name transaction is perfect as a transaction is an exchange.


Berlo’s Model of Communication http://www.managementstudyguides.com









Communication is defined as the transmission of information, ideas, emotions, skills, etc., by the use of symbols -words, pictures, figures, graphs, etc. It is the act or process of transmission that is usually called communication (Berelson and Steiner 1964).Yet communication is much more than sending and receiving messages.In the photo below one can see how dynamic and interchangeable communication is and how ongoing it is. Communication is versatile and evolving constantly and there is no one way or correct way to define or describe it. Communication can be between two or more people and can be verbal or non-verbal and always carries meaning no matter how big or how small it is.


National communication Association

I am writing this blog and I have to encode my message so that is understandable to you, my readers, then it is sent through a medium that ensures you receive it and when you are reading this my hope is that there are no physiological or psychological noise that causes you to misunderstand my message and from there you decode my message and you formulate you own,and whether you respond it’s up to you. even though communication is simple, at times in order to get the right message across it seems quite complex. We are all aware that communication is not limited to texts, face-to-face conversation or emails, but there is a way variety of channels for communication that can be used. Communication is very important as it gets your message across and it provides an avenue to vent your frustration, talk to friends and meet new people. With communication we are constantly learning. What about you, dear readers, what is communication to you?


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