Globalization at its Finest

I am so lost when it comes to Globalisation. Now, I have read so much information regarding this topic and my understanding seems to get much worse. However, I hope by the end I not only understand globalisation and the impact it has, but I hope you do as well.

Globalisation is defined as the process of interaction and integration among the people, companies and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology. Globalisation has effects on the environment, culture, political systems, economic development and prosperity and on human physical well-being in societies around the world. From this explanation alone one can see that globalisation has its fingers in many pies and can conclude that globalisation brings about change, but whether the change is good or bad depends on who or what is being influenced by globalisation.


Globalisation was created for improvement in not only transport but technology as well, labour ability and freedom of trade. Globalisation was created for the big wigs to aid in their profits even more.  Are you beginning to get the picture, I surely am. With globalisation communication is easier, labour abilities and skills were needed but at a much cheaper cost, bigger transport systems mean less money to pay. From these factors alone anyone can see the impact globalisation has on people.

Globalisation has aided countries,  yes, however some of the impacts it has on the people is not positive. Globalisation has improved communication through technology which makes it easier for someone in China to speak to someone in America and vice versa. However this improvement may not have been for the best as children in the 21st century rely too much on technology. People are stuck with their heads in their phone, communication is limited between the ones that are really needed and some interpersonal skills are being lost. Simple greetings that once upon a time spoken as a common courtesy are forgetten, being polite to the person next to you does not even register. However, with the advancement on technology and individual from France can communicate with someone from anywhere in the world. This is fantastic yes, but the influences from social media can sometimes have a negative impact upon individuals. With influences from all over the world, our identities slowly change and evolve.

As globalisation is all about the movement of people, our culture and identity slowly begins to change and evole as we are constantly mixing with people of different religions, ethnic groups, sexual orientation and much more. With these outside and inside influences we take some of their language, their fashion, their values and slowly we change, for better or for worse. The trends, fashion and language of the Americans, Bajans want to emulate and at times the youth are too emersed into being someone who is not them. The youth want to be someone better and become lost as to who they really are. They forget about their values, beliefs and some of their culture which is sad as our culture and history is something we should all be proud of.




So many people of different races and cultures arrive here to become immersed in the Caribbean culture and see the Caribbean identity, and yet some people do not want to apart of the culture and try to be someone they are not. Globalisation is good and is for the improvement and advancement of countries which is advantageous, but can be negative as people become too involved and want to become and emulate what they see and believe to be superior regardless of whether that perception is right or wrong. Our culture and identity is a legacy and even though globalisation has brought many changes, instead of becoming more like the rest of the world, we should remain Caribbean as that is what people venture here for, to explore our culture, identity and heritage. Without those we would not Caribbean.


Daily Mail


One thought on “Globalization at its Finest

  1. marthamarrast says:

    Great content! I like how you appealed to readers who may be unsure about what the concept globalization speaks to. I think it encourages people to read on. The explanation of the concept and engaging the readers with questions helps to ensure engagement during reading. I mostly appreciate how you highlighted culture contact in a very real, rather than abstract, way.It showed the inevitable effect it has on people. Also, it was excellent that you touched on both sides of globalization and that people’s view on it is dependent upon perspective.


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